Tuesday, May 5, 2009

101 Bamboo Fins

Marlin Bacon at 101 Fins hooked us up with a set of his bamboo fins for our 5-fin board. Marlin has been making incredible wood fins for years, and recently added bamboo to his repertoire. Not only are these great-looking fins made of renewable materials, but the performance qualities and flex patterns are said to be some of the best around.

Here's his story from the site:
  • "In the ongoing quest for lighter, stronger materials for building surfboards,101 Fin Company is looking to natural resources for it's fins. We feature Paulownia wood, Bamboo,Balsa, Kiri, and DyePly. Our fins are naturally light. Up to 65% lighter than rtm honeycomb fins, without sacrificing performance. We exploit the unidirectional nature of wood to give the fin strength and stiffness at the base, while allowing the tip to flex. But the real secret is in the flex memory of the wood itself. Because we hand craft our fins we are able to FinGineer a variety of flex patterns. For example,how about a 1 oz. fin made out of Paulownia that is stiff from base to tip. Or a Bamboo fin with a broad tip that flexes. Whether you're a recreational surfer, a board collector, or a seasoned pro we have a fin for you."

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