Wednesday, February 24, 2010

J.P. Holeman Podcast

Surfider's CEO, Jim Moriarty, recently sat down with J.P. Holeman, of Holeman Surf Designs to talk about board materials and what he's doing with "Ecoboards" and how he's trying to reduce his environmental impact.

Podcasts available on Surfrider's site. "J.P. is a custom surfboard shaper in Southern California. I sought him out for a few reasons. I wanted to hear his perspective on how his world has changed since Clark Foam shut it's doors. I also wanted to hear his view on the experimentation and variety that we're seeing with surfboard design. Most of all I wanted to connect with him and understand how he has altered his worldview and his approach to living and shaping with the least environmental impact possible. Listen in as we catch up just south of Oceanside Pier... on the beach."
[Download the ".mp3" version, 31 MB] or on Itunes.